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Dethink: Design Thinking Entrepreneurship Project

What does DeThink offer you?

DeThink provides teachers with the self-efficacy, competencies and tools to equip their students with these skills. It builds entrepreneurial education readiness and help them to rapidly leverage innovative and focused entrepreneurial principles easily in their own environment. DeThink produces the following results.

  • Curriculum and Syllabus
  • Learning Content
  • e-Learning Toolkit
  • Recommendations Handbooks

What can we do for you?

The overarching aim of DeThink is to optimize secondary school teachers’ self-efficacy to enable an entrepreneurial mindset, critical thinking and creativity.

DeThink provides state of the art training for secondary school teachers in the field of design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship by integrating lessons learned and know-how and showing them how to apply these in practice.

A comprehensive toolkit comprising a structured process, methods, templates and tools will be developed. It shows teachers how to adopt a design thinking approach to entrepreneurship education by focusing on key stages i.e., empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test.


Check out the website and Learning Platform: