Dance and Fitness in Primary Schools

Dance and Fitness in Primary Schools

This course will allow the participants to feel more confident when teaching dance as a part of the Physical Education curriculum. The participants will be given lots of examples of integration of dance with other curricular subjects, again furthering their confidence when teaching. 

Participants will learn:

. To understand the importance of warming up and dynamic stretching before exercise and the importance of cooling down and static stretching after exercise

 • To appreciate the opportunities available for linkage and integration with other areas of the curriculum

 • To learn Latin American routines suitable for all class levels – Salsa, Cha-Cha and Jive

 • To learn Hip-Hop routines suitable for all class levels

 • Sharing ideas and experiences with each other

 • To practise yoga cool downs and other relaxation methods during the cool down period

 • To create circuits suitable for your class level that focus on all body parts and in turn will improve and prepare them for the gymnastics strand

 • To understand the importance of interpretive dance for self-expression and different methodologies of how to approach it

 • To promote the use of ICT in the classroom

 • To gain more confidence when teaching dance in the primary and secondary school and to act as a leader to incorporate dance and exercise as an everyday activity in the school (SSE).

 • To implement more games through the school day that are fun, active and incorporate the use of different skills such as turn taking, spatial awareness, mathematical games, cluichí as Gaeilge, team games, individual games and listening and talking to others. (play-based learning)

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 01-07-2021 9:30 am
Course End Date / Time 07-07-2021 2:00 pm
Course Fee €40.00
Subsequent Dates 2nd, 5th & 6th July
Number Hours 20
Speaker Maeve Mullins
Location Online Course
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