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Course Content:
The objective of the course is to assist participants to teach Science and Maths through inquiry using Discover Primary Science & Maths resources and SEAIs Exploring our Energy Programme. The course will have an emphasis on inquiry based learning and provide opportunities to apply skills and knowledge to real life situations. The main curriculum areas covered by the course are SESE (Science, Geography) and Mathematics with a focus on skills:
Mathematical skills: applying and problem solving, integrating and connecting, communicating and expressing, reasoning. Literacy skills: developing competence and confidence in oral language and using a scientific vocabulary. Developing cognitive abilities through oral language. Science and Geography Skills: Observing, estimating, measuring, predicting, designing and making, recording and communicating.
The course will commence with hands-on sessions based around the DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry and a range of classroom based activities, which have been developed, tested and used widely by primary teachers. The DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry has been developed by DPSM facilitators & teachers working with science education specialists and is designed to be used in the planning and teaching of a topic, or theme, on the SESE Science curriculum. The Sustainable Energy themed activities of the course will be based on the ‘Exploring our Energy Programme’, developed by St Pat’s Drumcondra on behalf of SEAI. It is designed to support children to develop their knowledge about energy, energy efficiency and conservation. Based on sound theory, the programme involves good practice, real life learning experiences and whole-school approaches to exploring energy and science in a real world way, exploring how and why as a society, we need to develop new ways of looking at our energy resources. Resources include programme booklets, interactive whiteboard resources and teacher guidelines. All of the investigations and activities are directly related to the content in the strand units of the Primary Science Curriculum.

Una Halpin, Hedda Dick, Rebecca Dobson
Maldron Hotel, Sandy Road, Galway
Starting Dáta:
04 Jul 2016
Subsequent Dáta:
5, 6, 7, 8 July
9.30 am - 2.00 pm

Please forward booking form together with the appropriate fee (if applicable) to:

Galway Education Centre, Cluain Mhuire, Wellpark, Galway.

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